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Why choose Natural Grinders Fitness?

Are you wondering if we can offer the right coaching? Why should you choose us? What does Natural Grinders Fitness have to offer? What makes us unique and sets us apart from our competitors? These are all questions that might interest you.

Here you can find out more about us as a company, welcome to Natural Grinders Fitness!

Why choose coaching from Natural Grinders Fitness?

  • We offer expertise and tailored help to our clients.
  • We provide good and clear streamlined communication.
  • We process your data with great care and protect your privacy.
  • We are open to comments and suggestions to ensure the best possible cooperation.
  • Our expertise and knowledge come from years of experience and passion for fitness.
  • We are experienced in every kind of process. Gaining muscle mass, losing fat mass, getting stronger or specific sports-oriented support, our knowledge and range goes very deep.

About Us
Who Are We?
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Who are we?

Natural Grinders fitness is managed by Robin De Meyer. I myself started my fitness journey in 2015, at the age of 16. Meanwhile, I am 25 years old and have found my passion. I love putting others on the right track, in a structured and effective way, to strive for better physical and mental health. I love supporting my clients and passionately helping them with everything relevant to fitness! It is a very empowering feeling when you can positively impact someone’s life!

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Natural Grinders Fitness?

What does Natural Grinders Fitness stand for?

Natural Grinders are the people we want to attract to our business. By a Natural Grinder, we mean someone who wants to achieve their goals out of their own initiative and self-discipline. These kinds of people are a source of inspiration for us. We want to support and passionately guide these kinds of individuals to achieve the personal goals they have set. Fitness indicates that our company is a coaching company. We specialize in offering coaching and personalized fitness advice.

Interested in our online coaching?

Choose a package that suits you. Then we will be happy to help you start achieving your goals!



Go for your goals. Get out of your comfort zone and start your story.



Giving up is not an option. Just keep on going, and be disciplined.



Work on your attitude to life. Grow good habits.



Surround yourself with people with the same passion and the same goals.

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Objective : to gain in lean muscle mass.

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Objective : to gain in lean muscle mass.