Is it a problem if I don’t like certain foods?

“Is it a problem if I don’t like certain foods?” is a question we get asked quite often at Natural Grinders Fitness. Learn more about how we create our nutrition guidelines and tips for our clients here.

Our nutritional analysis consists of the following components:

  • Filling in a questionnaire by the client.
  • Making a body analysis with the personal data of the client.
  • Draw up an achievable plan tailored to the client.

The completion of a questionnaire by the customer

As a first step, after purchasing the desired package, the customer is given the opportunity to fill in a questionnaire on our website. Here the customer provides us with essential and specific personal information. This information is necessary for making our body analysis. This enables us to provide our customers with tailor-made help because every person and every body is and reacts differently.

Making a body analysis with the customer’s personal data

Then we get to work at Natural Grinders Fitness. We process the personal information and make a body analysis. Here we will scientifically calculate how many calories the individual needs to work towards his or her goals. This is all then nicely written out and documented for the client.

Drawing up a feasible plan tailored to the customer’s needs

Finally, we are going to write out the processed information and the body analysis for the client. In a way that the client can easily understand. Terms are explained, nutritional options are given and, on top of that, the drafted plan is full of tips and tricks derived from our own experience.

“Is it a problem if I don’t like certain foods?”

Our answer to this question:

It is certainly no problem if you do not like everything. In our nutritional advice, we give a whole bunch of options per food source. You are then free to choose from these and select for yourself what you like. So you still choose what you eat, within the guidelines we have set.

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