No-Obligation Consultation

You don’t know where to start but have found the motivation to get started? Make an appointment with our coach for a free no-obligation consultation! There are no obligations attached to this consultation.

Some more information about our free consultation:

  • Discussing the goal of the client.
  • Guiding the client to the most suitable package.
  • Opportunity to answer coaching-related questions.
  • Duration of a free consultation.
  • How does a no-obligation consultation work?

Discussing The Goal Of The Client

First of all, the objectives and motivations are discussed with the client in question. In this way, our coach gets an idea of the direction the client wants to go. In this manner, our coach is able to propose and offer the most appropriate service tailored to the client. Questions about the different packages may always be asked and will be answered appropriately.

Guiding The Client To The Most Suitable Package

Once our coach has an idea of the direction in which the individual in question wants to go, he can propose the most suitable services and provide more information about the different options. As a result, the client receives an objective tailor-made proposal, in order to achieve the best possible results.

Opportunity To Answer Coaching-Related Questions

Finally, the client also gets the opportunity to ask any questions related to our coaching services. This can be about any topic related to our online coaching.

The following topics are often included in our no-obligation consultations:

  • Payment options
  • Accessibility of the coach
  • How is everything customized?
  • What is the duration of the packages?
  • Where does our coach get his knowledge and experience from?

Duration Of A Free Consultation

The duration of a free consultation is limited to a maximum of thirty minutes. A time block of thirty minutes is certainly sufficient to provide the client with tailor-made help and to assist in his or her choice. In order to use the time as efficiently as possible, we ask you to list all the questions you have or the subjects on which you would like more information beforehand and to bring them to the online meeting. This way, we can ensure a smooth and efficient conversation.

How does a no-obligation consultation work?

Finally, it is helpful to know how our no-obligation meetings proceed. The customer has the option to meet with us online or to have a conversation over the phone. We ourselves favor an online call, with Skype / Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp as options. But the customer can always arrange a telephone call if desired.

Interested In A No-Obligation Consultation?

Are you interested in an informal meeting? Contact us and make an appointment with our coach. We look forward to assisting you and putting you on the road to achieving your objectives.


Interested in our online coaching?

Choose a package that suits you. Then we will gladly help you reach your goals!

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