Nutrition plan

Get to know our nutrition plan. A completely tailor-made nutrition guide, stuffed with tips & tricks, which originate from our own years of experience and knowledge. Our nutrition guide consists of the following parts:

  • Complete nutrition guide.
  • Tailor-made nutritional approach.
  • Tips & tricks.

Complete Nutritional Guide

First, this nutrition plan includes a complete nutrition guide that allows the individual to get started on their own easily. Everything is explained point by point. This nutrition guide is built on years of experience and knowledge about nutrition. Among other things, terms and matters are defined, in addition, per food source, many options are given to put the client on the road to a successful and effective eating pattern that suits his or her goals. If there are still uncertainties or questions, you can always contact the coach for more information!

Tailor-made nutrition approach

Secondly, we develop a tailor-made nutrition approach for the client. Owing to the fact that everybody has different goals and motivating factors, everyone needs a personal and tailor-made approach. After purchasing our nutrition plan, you can immediately fill in a questionnaire on our website. This information provides us with crucial data for drawing up your desired plan. This way, we can personalize and tailor the plan for you to get the best possible results!

Tips & Tricks

Thirdly, we also provide a lot of tips & tricks with our plans. What should you do if you ate too much on a particular day? Or too little? Don’t worry, we will answer all these questions in your personalized schedule. We’ll also explain how to keep track of your calories, as this is very crucial for building a healthy diet and achieving your goals.

Duration and details

This nutrition guide is good for a duration of three months, or 12 weeks. After this period the individual will be able to continue progressing on their own. If you want to work with us again after three months, this is of course always possible!

  • Duration: 3 months.
  • The coach is always available.
  • Adjustments are possible.


Do you still have questions about our nutrition plan?

  • Contact us and we will provide you with more information!


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